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Soubatan Industrial Cooling Solutions

Soubatan industrial air conditioners can meet the needs of consumers compared to conventional air conditioners for many reasons, because this model of air conditioners for special conditions and even different applications and according to different needs of sectors such as telecom, railways, oil and gas and industries. Using DC power to prevent losing energy, long life, good storage conditions, proper design for using in telecommunication racks, data center space and excellent efficiency in adverse weather conditions can be the strengths of these products. Some problems such as theft, improper storage conditions, high energy consumption, wind speed and cooling, cooling air loss and similar reasons are many that have been solved in Soubatan industrial air conditioners and have attracted consumer satisfaction.

Our Leadership With Exceptional Credentials

Soubatan Co. has started its activity with the aim of producing various products in the field of industrial cooling systems and car battery charging systems. Looking to the future and benefiting from the latest technology and quality services, we have been able to maintain it. do. Our customers in Iran and the Persian Gulf countries are satisfied and create a sense of confidence in their customers with 24-hour support. Image


The fan impeller is curved and is also known as the squirrel cage impeller. The fan takes up little space and has a very good speed and excellent wind throw, and has very little noise pollution. Low and medium statics are used such as air conditioners, heating systems and small industrial cooling systems.


Creating continuous and effective cooling in telecommunication sites, data centers and Outdoor rocks in various industries by creating device control and continuous operation without temperature changes can create a stable cooling model for the consumer.


Since each product represents the manufacturer of that product, all Soubatan products are under warranty and after-sales service, and according to the available documents, the equipment installed in the worst climatic conditions is working without breakdown, and the Soubatan brand of all its products until the last moment.


The industrial design of Soubatan products is such that when installing air conditioners systems, these equipments are connected to the site and the access of thieves is restricted as much as possible, and in case of severe sabotage, the device will have no use. Specially designed spaces have no general use.